New Items in the House

New Microwave

My microwave hit the dust during the flood, and I got a new one.  I upgraded that sucker.  It has a grill in it.   A grill, yes that it was I said.  WOOHOO!!!  I can’t wait to test that baby out

New Countertops

Philip from the Cabinet company  calls and says, the countertop looks old.  Well, I don’t really want to pay for a new countertop, so I tell him it cant be that bad.   Then I get there, yeah, they look like crap. I decided to spend the $400 for new countertops.  They put my sink in and now it looks like crap.   I knew the  sink would look even worse after the new faucet .  So now I have a new sink too.

New Cabinets

The insurance company decided that I needed all new cabinets.   Who is going to complain about that?  Certainly not me.   They send me shopping at Home Depot and Lowes, and tell me if I don’t find cabinets that are in stock, then it will take 8 weeks to finish my sink.  OH NO, I can’t be away from home that long.  I talked Storico and they put me in contact with another cabinet company.  This guy brings me sample cabinets on Friday, and installs them on Monday.  I love them…I also upgraded and added cabinets to a different part of the kitchen and the price was amazing.  IF you ever need cabinets, I know just the people for the job.

At this point, they are doing minor adjustments and corrections to the house, but we have moved back home and readjusting to life in the house.


About April

I am married to a soldier in the National Guard. We have three children, 14, 9, and 8. Life has been a roller coaster for us, but I am thoroughly enjoying the journey.
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