Living Arrangements during the Flood

Living in a Hotel

When the house flooded, our insurance company moved us to a hotel for two weeks, actually 15 days.  It was a LOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG 15 days.   The kids love staying in hotels, but not for an extended time period.  There was no room to move, and they were kids so they bothered the neighbors.  The hotel staff was awesome, they took great care of us..

Living with Gary

Then the insurance decided they would no longer pay for a hotel, so we moved in with Gary, Aaron’s dad.    Before you ask, no we did not move to Alabama, he moved to Tennessee.  Somehow, we convinced him he wanted to live near us.   Living with him has been an experience, but much better than a hotel.   I am pretty sure we have driven him nuts.  Gary is a born-organizer and I AM NOT.  I tried to pick up tips while I lived there, and I am glad that he did not remind me I was not like him..  I am sure it has been hard for him to adjust to having three kids around all the time.   He has done wonders with the kids, and been such a big help to me.  I think DJ is the area he is most helpful in because DJ needs the male companionship.


About April

I am married to a soldier in the National Guard. We have three children, 14, 9, and 8. Life has been a roller coaster for us, but I am thoroughly enjoying the journey.
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