Broken Faucet

Gary went by to check on the house, and do something.  I don’t remember now because he became my project manager/personal shopper after I went back to work.  LOL..Thanks Gary!   The plumber said the faucet was broken.   Gary sends me a message and I think,  broken equals it doesn’t work.  The insurance company decided that they would not pay for it, as I couldn’t prove it wasn’t broken before the flood.  WHAT?  Do they really think that I lived in a house with three kids and NO KITCHEN SINK.

I go to the house when I get off work.  NO, it is not broken as in it doesn’t work, it is completely broken in half.   Are you  kidding me?  I can’t think of a hundred ways that thing broke and nobody is really had fault, but why would the insurance assume after having to replace the WHOLE kitchen that my sink was an exception.   Storico, the restoration company replaced it.  YEAH, STORICO!


About April

I am married to a soldier in the National Guard. We have three children, 14, 9, and 8. Life has been a roller coaster for us, but I am thoroughly enjoying the journey.
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